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Reviews of Down 2 Five

This email, sent to Howard Stovall at Resource Entertainment Group (REG), refers to the “Backstage Bash II” party held at the Fedex Forum on October 19, 2007 for the benefit of the Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum.

The event went great… and Down 2 Five was the biggest reason. The crowd loved them. They were perfect. I can’t tell you how many times I had folks come up to me and say, “Great party! Where did you get the band?!”  “You can’t have a bad party when you have a band that plays Manfred Mann!”  “When the band broke out into [insert song], I knew this was a great party.”  “These guys are local?!?!”  “Did you know that one of those guys played with [insert band]?” 

I would be amazed if four or five of those in attendance don’t book them for future gigs.

Kevin Kane (President and CEO, Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau) loved them.  Without question… they made the night!

I really appreciate your help hooking me up with them. 

John Doyle
Executive Director

Rock 'n' Soul Museum
191 Beale Street, Suite 100
Memphis, TN  38103


Comments from Ernie Vescovo, Director of Entertainment, Memphis Italian Festival

As the Director of Entertainment for the Memphis Italian Festival, I was honored and pleased to have Down2 Five as one of our headline acts on May 30, 2009.  Their professionalism was unmatched by any act we presented. They played before an estimated crowd of over 6,000 people and brought the house down. Their Music selection was superb and appealed to every age group present. Their vocals were clear and the harmony was perfect pitch. The band was tight and well rehearsed and the individual solos were very appealing and tasteful. They were a pleasure to work with and bent over backwards to accommodate our requests. I highly recommend this band and can say they truly made me shine amongst my peers.

Ernie Vescovo


Comments from Dianna Fryer & Melody Meadows, Victims to Victory Music Festival

If you have not had the opportunity to see this band---BIG MISTAKE. These guys are absolutely amazing!!! Down2 Five's song choices are perfect for any occasion and fits any venue. The energy and enthusiasm this band provides is infectious and the talent that comes in this tightly wrapped package is priceless . We were blown away the first time we caught their act and knew at that moment they had to be a part of our festival and they will always have an invitation to participate in any events that we create.

Dianna Fryer and Melody Meadows
Victims to Victory Music Fest @ Snowden Grove Amphitheater


Comments from Laura Smith, manager of Cajuns Wharf

"Down2 Five does stellar renditions of the best 60's and 70's classic rock music.  You would have thought it was the actual bands themselves!"

Laura Smith
Cajun’s Wharf
2400 Cantrell Road
Little Rock, Arkansas